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Indian history
History is a vast concept, we are always curious about learning something but in case of history we don't like to remember years . keeping this aside we don't know where to start the concept.
when we study about history we commonly see these terms like BC or BCE and AD or CE. Indian education system highly influenced by Britishers the present history we are reading are taken from their references. the Britishers write the history taking Jesus Christ Birth as Base, so they divide the history into 2 parts. Before Christ B.C. and After Christ A.D. stands for Anno Domini, which is "Year of our Lord" in Latin. Whatever the reason BC is changed to BCE (Before Common Era) and AD is Changed to CE (Common Era).
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This will help you understand history about Briefly
Historical Timeline of India

Now we can go to into concept of Indian History,
We bifurcate Indian History into three parts
1. Ancient India 2. Medieval India 3. Modern India

Topics of Ancient History of India

– Foundation of Indian Civilization
– Indus Valley Civilization / Harappa Civilization
– Vedic Civilization
– The Buddhist Era
– Alexander Invasion (Occupying)
– The Mauryan Empire (322 BC to 185 BC)
– Gupta Dynasty (320 AD to 540 AD)
– Harshavardhana (606 AD to 647 AD) – 7th Century
– The Chalukyas of Badami – 6th and 8th Century
– The Pallavas of kanchi

Topics of Medieval History of India

– The Palas
– The Senas
– The Pratiharas
– The Rashtrakutas
– The Chola Empire
– Rise of Islam
– Muslim Invasion of India
– The Delhi Sultanate (1206 AD to 1526 AD)
– The Slave Dynasty
– The Khilji Dynasty (1290 AD to 1320 AD)
– The Tughlaq Dynasty (1320 AD to 1412 AD)
– Timur’s Invasion – 1398 AD
– The Sayyad Dynasty – (1414 AD to 1450 AD)
– The Lodhi Dynasty (1451 to 1526 AD)
– The Vijayanagara Empire (1336 AD to 1565 AD)
– The Bahmani Kingdom ( 1347 AD to 1526 AD)
– The Bhakti Movement
– The Mughal Empire (1526 AD to 1540 AD and 1555 AD to 1707 AD) “Babar, Humayun, Sher shah Suri, Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb Alamgir”.
– The Rise of Sikh Power

The Topics of Modern History of India

– Decline of Mughals
– Nadir Shah’s Invasion
– Invasions of Ahmed Shah Abdali
– The Marathas
– The Peshwas
– The British Conquest (Control) of India
– The British Paramountcy (Supreme Power of Authority)
– The Indian Mutiny (Revolt) of 1857
– The Queen’s Proclamation and The British Paramountcy
– Great Social Reformers of 19th and 20th Century
– The Struggle for Swaraj
– Non-Cooperation & Civil Disobedience
– Civil Disobedience Movement
– Quit India Movement

These are the topics we need to cover to understand the history of India.
Remaining Topics covered in Polity like Constitution of India…etc.


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