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Kerala is a place itself called God’s own country. As the name suggests where we will fall in love with its natural wonders in Kerala state and it is the most popular tourist destination in the country. Formed as a state on 31st October 1956.

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Where Kerala is situated?

Kerala state is situated in the southwestern part of India. Its capital is Thiruvananthapuram.

Kerala is very unique in its culture and geographical characteristics.

Kerala is also called the land of coconuts.

Kerala is also known for being home to a variety of spices: pepper, cardamom, clove, vanilla,  nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric.

What Language people spoke in Kerala?

The official Language of Kerala State is Malayalam. Where other languages like Tulu, Beary base, Kannada, Marathi and Konkani are also spoken.

Kerala state has the highest literacy rate in the country.

What are the State Symbols of Kerala?

State animal of Kerala – Elephant

State Bird of Kerala – Hornbill

State Flower of Kerala – Kanikkonna (Golden Shower Tree)

State Tree of Kerala – Coconut Tree

State Fish of Kerala – Pearlspot

State Fruit of Kerala – Jackfruit

What is the famous dance in Kerala?

Kathakali is a famous dance form in Kerala. Mohiniyattam is one of the most popular classical dances of Kerala.

What is the main festival in Kerala?

Onam is the most popular festival in Kerala. Celebrated with intense and passionate feelings.

What is the famous sport in Kerala?

Snake boat racing is famous in Kerala, every year during the Onam festival a boat race will be conducted on the pamba river.

What are the tourist attractions in Kerala?

Kerala boat house, Backwaters, mountain ranges, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries ancient ports, Pilgrim centres.

There are many other things to know about Kerala is ayurvedic, kalaripattu…etc.

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